Top 10 Chevys of All Time #8

By Editors on September 8, 2011 8:41 AM

1960-1969 Chevrolet Corvair

Sometimes, it's a fine line that separates milestones from millstones, and there's no better example than the Chevy Corvair. Created in response to the increasing threat posed by imports -- notably the Volkswagen Beetle -- it also was meant to counter the arrival of new downsized domestics like the Ford Falcon and Plymouth Valiant. The Corvair's unconventional rear-mounted air-cooled flat-six engine ensured excellent interior packaging and the styling, especially on the recast 1965-69 sedans/coupes/convertibles, holds up well even today. With up to 180 horsepower available in turbocharged Spyder models also were credibly quick in a straight line. However, by the time Chevrolet replaced the Corvair's original swing-axle rear suspension with a more refined and capable control-arm alternative in 1965, Ralph Nader's devastating "Unsafe At Any Speed" had inflicted a mortal wound to the car's reputation, one that sent this extremely innovative member of the Chevrolet family to an early grave.

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