Top 10 Chevys of All Time #6

By Editors on September 8, 2011 8:38 AM

1955 Chevrolet with Turbo-Fire V8

A double winner for the division, the 1955 Chevrolet line ushered in both the now-iconic 1955-1957 "Tri5" era and the  spectacularly successful and incredibly long-lived small-block V8 engine which supplemented the veteran Blue Flame six. Dubbed "The Hot One" and presented under the "Motoramic" marketing tag, the '55 Chevrolet was literally all-new from the ground up and featured a lighter-but-stiffer chassis and better-handling "Glide Ride" suspension to complement its strikingly modern bodywork and interior treatments -- not to mention gaining a new 12V electrical system. However, it was the introduction of the new Turbo-Fire V8 option that really pulled it all together and helped Chevy sell over 1.7 million units in this pivotal year. A long-overdue rival to Ford's well-established V8 family, the original Chevrolet small block displaced 265 cubic inches and made 162 horsepower with a Rochester two-barrel carburetor. In the ensuing years it underwent myriad redesigns, transitioning key elements from iron to aluminum, growing in displacement up to 5.7 liters, adapting sophisticated fuel injection and adding state-of-the art computer controls until being replaced by an all-new small block V8 design in the early '90s.

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