Tokyo Teaser: Honda EV-N Concept

By Editors on October 21, 2009 2:04 PM
A modern-day, zero-emissions rethink of its Lilliputian N360 model, the EV-N is currently a work in process that Honda thinks might someday make an ideal commuter car. The automaker provided no word on its electric powertrain specifics, but this tiny four-seater does feature nifty touches like an energy-enhancing solar roof panel, interchangeable and fully recyclable seat coverings, liquid-crystal instrument displays and new HELLO (Honda Electric mobility Loop) technology that allows the EV-N to start automatically when someone with the hand-held LOOP device approaches and shut itself down when they walk away. This system even incorporates "active" lighting elements in the grille, mirrors and rear lamp assemblies that vary with the time of day and in response to various pedestrian/vehicle interactions. Also in the house are dual built-in chargers for a pair of Honda's new one-wheeled U3-X personal mobility devices that also comes as part of the EV-N's standard equipment. Honda characterizes this retro-styled runabout as "an easygoing car that could be like the owner's friend." From what we see, it would seem one could do far worse when searching for a new best buddy.