Suzuki Q-Concept - 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

By Editors on December 5, 2011 1:09 PM

A quirky but quintessentially charming alternative-transport module, the Suzuki Q-Concept can be a personal bubble of bliss for those who don't need to travel very far. The Q-Concept's rear-mounted electric motor and battery pack will take it about six miles on a single charge; and at barely eight feet in length, finding a suitable parking spot should never be an issue. The Q-Concept's distinctive circular styling themes -- including its fully-enclosed wheels -- and high-profile orange/white/charcoal livery also ensure this zero-emissions Suzuki will never be hard to find, no matter how large a lot you might leave it in.

Two-piece clamshell doors split into upper and lower elements are designed to pivot forward and aft parallel to the Q-Concept's body, allowing easy access to its cabin even in the closest of confines. Inside, it offers 1+1 tandem seating. While the driver's bucket swivels 90 degrees to bid its operator welcome, the rear perch in this innovative one-off can accommodate either a single adult or a two-person child seat. The more entrepreneurially inclined can also remove it completely, permitting the diminutive Suzuki Q-Concept to serve as a light-duty delivery vehicle.