Study Shows that Ford SYNC Reduces Driving Distractions

By Editors on April 21, 2009 9:20 AM
Ford Motor Company recently did a study that shows that driving distractions are significantly reduced when drivers use the SYNC system. With a group of 25 participants, Ford conducted a driving simulator and had them do several tasks, including dialing a cell phone, selecting a song and sending a text message, with and without the use of SYNC. The results showed that drivers spend an average of 25 seconds selecting a song on an MP3 player without using SYNC, and about two seconds with it, which obviously equates to more time with their eyes on the road. The study also showed that in 30 percent of the trials, drivers wandered from their lanes when using a handheld device or phone to search for songs or phonebook contacts. However, when using SYNC's voice interface to do these same tasks, the percentage of lane meandering was reduced to zero. These test results, coupled with SYNC's new "911 Assist" feature, proved that Ford vehicles outfitted with SYNC can drastically improve driving safety for not only the occupants in the car, but also for other drivers on the road.