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OnStar Develops a Smartphone Remote Control App for Chevy Volt

By on January 6, 2010 4:57 PM
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Although not due in dealers until November, the new Chevrolet Volt will be the first electric vehicle to offer its owners 24/7 remote connectivity and control of key vehicle functions via a special wireless application that works through the Volt's standard OnStar system. Details about this new downloadable software were presented this week in Las Vegas at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Upon initial release, this new OnStar Mobile Application will permit owners of Apple iPhone, Blackberry Storm and Motorola Droid smartphones direct real-time access to their vehicles and give them the ability to control and oversee a wide range of remote functions, from unlocking the doors to setting and checking the state of battery charge. OnStar will also make the app available on a mobile browser for use with other type of smartphones and electronic devices.

Key functions that can be monitored and controlled by the OnStar Mobile Application include the Volt's current battery charge level, its EV and total mileage ranges, whether or not the vehicle is plugged in, and whether it's on a 120V or 240V circuit. The software also will allow owners to choose between an immediate or delayed off-peak charging time when electricity rates are lower. The application can transmit information regarding the miles per gallon, electric miles, and odometer readings for the last trip and the life of the vehicle. It's even capable of sending text or e-mail notifications for charge reminders, to indicate if any interruptions may have occurred, permit remote starting and pre-condition the interior temperature in hot or cold weather.

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