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OnStar as Co-Pilot

By on July 30, 2008 8:40 AM
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On average, Americans spend an hour a day in their cars. A lot can happen to you in that hour. A tire can blow out. You could lose your way in an unfamiliar place. Or you might need to place an important call and you've left your cell at home. It's in these cases that OnStar stops being a vehicle option and becomes a necessity of your commuter lifestyle. OnStar is a telematics system that was first introduced by General Motors in 1995. Designed to offer the finest customer service experience to its subscribers, OnStar assists drivers in anything from turn-by-turn directions to emergency response in the event of a crash. Kelley Blue Book's Editorial Director, Jack R. Nerad sits down with Chet Huber, OnStar's President, for a look at OnStar's many features and accomplishments.
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