Nissan's experimental Smart House can get its power from a LEAF

By Editors on October 12, 2011 11:10 AM

Mixing design elements from traditional Japanese home construction with advanced energy-optimizing technologies, Nissan's Smart House HSN-2012 went on display this week at CEATEC 2011 (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) in Japan. Envisioned as an alternative to conventional urban housing units, the HSN-20102's living area consists of a large, polyhedral structure that features a fully-stressed monocoque outer skin. Mounted on stilts to provide maximum space utilization, the HSN-2012 also serves as a de facto safe harbor for one of its key sources of electricity: the owner's Nissan LEAF.

In keeping with its name, Nissan's futuristic Smart House is configured to comprehensively exploit the potential of a state-of-the-art LEAF-to-Home charging system that can supply stable real-time power or help charge storage batteries when the HSN-1012's large array of solar cells is not actively generating enough electricity on its own. The final elements in this symbiotic exercise in self-sufficiency are a full complement of energy-saving appliances that, like the rest of the package, can be remotely controlled through the use of various next-generation mobile communications devices.