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Nissan Develops New High-Efficiency Dual-Injector System

By on July 14, 2009 3:59 PM
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Nissan has announced a new fuel-injection package that it claims will increase the operating efficiency of its smaller-displacement engines while helping lower their emissions. Dubbed "Dual Injector", the setup employs two separate injectors -- one in each intake port -- rather than the customary single unit currently used in all other volume-production applications. Doubling up the number of injectors allows the diameter of each fuel droplet to be reduced by nearly 60 percent. This, in turn, speeds up vaporization and permits smoother, more stable combustion that results in less unburned fuel and lower hydrocarbon emission levels. In addition to promoting cleaner fuel burning, the Dual Injector system also incorporates a new continuous valve timing control on the exhaust side, which raises heat efficiency and reduces pumping losses to help generate economy gains of up to four percent compared to comparable Nissan engines with conventional single-injector configurations.

Nissan says that its new Dual Injector system -- which will see its first production application sometime next year -- is lighter, simpler and about 60 percent less expensive to manufacture than the latest forms of direct-injection packages that also are capable of producing similar gains in efficiency and economy. As a final plus, the catalytic converters backing these Dual Injector engines will need less than half the amount of rare earth metals normally required to complete the catalytic process.

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