Nissan Dealer Finds Ways to Sell Cars In A Tough Time

By Editors on December 1, 2008 6:22 AM
It's a tough time to be selling cars, but Greer Nissan in South Carolina is an exception. In less than a year, the store has become one of Nissans stars, going from zero to hero. It wasn't always like that, though. The first owner built a $12 million Lexus-style palace, but went broke and the dealership changed hands. The newly installed general manager is Ben Quattrone, a former GM district manager who had recently rescued a floundering Chevy store. Here are some of things he's done. He's at the dealership when it opens and still there when it closes, his home number in the phone book and he speaks to everyone who buys a car. He started a procedure among reception, service and parts so that customers speak to only one person other than the receptionist. Quattrone guarantees: "We are not the cheapest Nissan dealership". If he advertises a Frontier pickup for $18,000, he has eight. Some see the problems car dealers face as complex, but a lot of solutions are simple.