News for Car Shoppers: New and Used Car Listings Now at

By Editors on September 16, 2009 9:45 AM

As part of our editorial mission to focus on the news and information that's most useful to car buyers -- new cars and new incentives, for instance -- we thought we'd drop a quick, self-serving note about the official launch of The Trusted Marketplace,'s new classifieds section. Here's how the official, executive-approved press release describes it:

"The Trusted Marketplace provides consumers with an unparalleled experience in finding their next new or used car due to its unique search platform, which reveals 'best matches' -- a list of cars that most closely correspond with a shopper's search criteria as well as applied intelligence gained from millions of customer queries and transactions."

In short, instead of reserving top search results for the highest-paying dealers, The Trusted Marketplace returns a list of cars in the order that best match a shopper's needs, at the best price. And it's really easy to filter through colors and features. It's pretty cool, actually.

Take a minute to check it out, if you'd like.