New Batmobile unveiled: F1-inspired, fuel-cell powered

By Editors on June 20, 2011 1:45 PM

Latest effort by design whiz Gordon Murray -- the man responsible for numerous World Championship McLaren Formula One racing cars as well as the marque's road-going F1 supercar and his own firm's diminutive T.25/T.27 City Car -- is a mean yet conscientiously green one-off that will be driven by the Caped Crusader in the new "Batman Live" stage production which will open in Britain this summer before starting a planned world arena tour that's expected to roll into the U.S. at some later date. The producers of this extravaganza-in-the-making turned to Murray in the hope of getting an all-new take on this iconic mount. Murray, an admitted life-long Batman aficionado, enthusiastically obliged the request. 

Its flame-spewing afterburner notwithstanding, Murray says this futuristic fantasy machine gets motivation from a hydrogen fuel cell and lithium-ion battery packs that power a motor in each of its "virtual" wheels. The styling of its bodywork reflects its creator's deep-rooted involvement in the real world of F1 while on a more speculative front, the use of "breathable" carbon fiber exterior panels and internal fans help optimize the aerodynamics. As for those virtual wheels, Murray says the diode spokes generate a directional anti-force field that not only can propel his Batmobile at a suitably super hero pace but allow it to do so while hovering some 40mm (1.6 inches) above the road surface.