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Mitsubishi Will Plug(-in) its Concept PX-MiEV at Tokyo Auto Show

By on November 30, 2009 1:32 PM
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Putting its unique design spin on the plug-in hybrid genre, Mitsubishi has created the Concept PX-MiEV for the Tokyo Motor Show. Loosely based on its Pajero/Montero, the PX-MiEV combines a new, super-efficient two-motor gas/electric system with a specially configured version of its Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) all-wheel-drive hardware. The latest Mitsubishi setup has an electric motor fitted to both the front and rear differential units with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder MIVEC gasoline engine being able to either provide motive force for the front wheels or recharge the compact lithium-ion battery pack. This advanced component can power the PX-MiEV in zero-emissions mode for up to 30 miles and be topped off using either a 110 or 220V outlet. To make the most of its potential, PX-MiEV also features new electronic control circuitry that optimizes its hybrid drive elements to extract the greatest mileage possible for any different driving condition. In a best-case scenario, Mitsubishi says it should be able to net the equivalent of 117 mpg.

The PX-MiEV also boasts plenty of super-efficient non-powertrain components, including special wheel hubs that enhance aero efficiency and improve brake cooling, low-power-draw LED head and tail lights, heat and UV-rejecting glass and heat-reflecting/insulating paint. The four-place cabin incorporates aircraft-style design cues and features individual seats covered in a special people-friendly material that deactivates allergens, kills bacteria, eliminates odors and breaks down volatile organic compounds. As a final touch, the PX-MiEV is fitted with a slick full-perimeter visual monitoring system and can interact with a smart safety-grid system to provide its driver with timely warnings about potential vehicle and pedestrian traffic issues. Mitsubishi is reportedly seeking to bring a variation on the PX-MiEV theme to market around 2013.

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