Mayhem Mustang Package' - the new name for Ford's hottest V6 pony

By Editors on May 10, 2011 12:53 PM

Seeking to elevate the awareness of its Mustang V6 Performance Package, Ford asked the car's 1.4 million Facebook fans to come up with a more colorful moniker for the collection of focused handling/braking components. The call generated more than 3,000 individual entries, with 6,700 users installing the dedicated "You Name It" app that allowed them to participate in the contest. After the initial field was culled to five finalists, and passed corporate approval regarding trademark, copyright and brand considerations, voters were asked to pick their favorite. The "Mayhem Mustang Package" was submitted by Jeremy Marler of Charlotte, N.C., whose creative effort won him a three-year lease on a 2012 Mustang V6 equipped with the Mayhem Mustang Package. Ford plans to use the "Mayhem Mustang Package" as the official name on all Mustang sales, marketing and communications materials.

As it had in the past, the newly-renamed 2012 Mayhem Mustang Package contains a selection of hardware borrowed from the V8-powered Mustang GT Coupe starting with its springs/shocks/anti-roll bars and upgrades brake calipers/pads plus the beefier rear lower control arms from the Shelby GT500. The Mayhem Mustang Package mix also includes a front shock tower brace, 3.31:1 performance axle ratio and recalibrated electronic stability control with special Sport mode finished off by a set of special 19-inch alloy wheels shod with Pirelli performance tires.