Long-term Infiniti EX35: Staying Between the Lines

By KBB.com Editors on August 18, 2009 1:23 PM
While driving along the long, flat roads of California's Central Valley, it's easy to get tired and drift out of a lane. On a recent road trip to Pebble Beach, we found ourselves with a mild case of road blindness. Lucky for us, our long-term EX35 is equipped with Infiniti's Lane Departure Prevention system. Using radar, this system detects the road's lane line and if the vehicle gets too close to crossing it without having the blinker on, the system gives a warning chime. This gives the driver the opportunity to steer back into their lane. If, however, the driver were to wander and fail to respond, the system would gently nudge the car back into the lane by lightly applying the brakes. This feature can be disabled -- which it is most of the time in our EX35 -- since some of our editors find the system to be slightly over-sensitive when driving around town. Nonetheless, we like the idea of the technology and that it's there if we need it.