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Long-term Infiniti EX35: An Unlikely Occurrence

By on March 6, 2009 9:36 AM
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Before embarking on a recent trip from California to Las Vegas over a wintry weekend, we decided to ignore the weather reports that warned of snow fall on our planned drive route. After all, we figured that driving at an earlier time during the day would eliminate the likelihood of hitting snowy weather and, if anything, our trusty Infiniti EX35 -- equipped with intelligent all-wheel drive and a "snow" drive mode -- would help us out if needed. Lo and behold, we ended up driving right into bad weather and realized then that it was probably a good idea for us to utilize the aforementioned mode. By distributing power evenly between the front and rear wheels and cutting the throttle response so the driver can't accelerate too quickly and cause the wheels to slip, it was perfect for the icy roads we were on. After 30 minutes of white-knuckle driving at five mph, we descended into a valley and perfectly clear weather. It was an unusual situation in Southern California, and especially stressful for drivers inexperienced in snowy weather, but we're glad we could count on one of the many advanced technological features that our long-term EX35 has to offer.
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