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Lexus Wants To Know: Should the LF-Ch Come Here?

By on September 29, 2009 4:13 PM
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Although the Lexus LF-Ch that debuted earlier this month in Frankfurt was originally envisioned as the concept precursor for a high-end production compact hybrid model geared towards the European market, it now seems this high-profile five-door might have even greater global potential. To help determine whether any of it lies here in America, Lexus has created a new online survey site that asks respondents for input regarding the LF-Ch's specific design elements -- both visual and mechanical -- as well as querying them on their overall preferences in vehicles, hybrid technology, social media, and ultimately, whether or not it should actually build a version for the U.S. Due to make its first American appearance in December at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the four-passenger LF-Ch matches the latest iteration of gas/electric Hybrid Synergy Drive also found in the division's new HS 250h sedan with stylishly sporty character cues. But is this country really ready to embrace a vehicle like the LF-Ch? Lexus fans will no doubt recall that the slick and overtly enthusiast-oriented IS 300 SportCross wagon that was part of the lineup here from 2001-2005 never quite lived up to sales expectations. It remains to be seen whether support from would-be buyers will be strong enough to convince Lexus that a hybrid-powered and more people-oriented five-door compact is worth considering in today's cleaner/greener automotive environment. Love it or hate it, to make your feelings known on the LF-Ch program just click here .
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