Lexus Smacks Down Speculators With Lease-Only Deals on LFA

By Editors on November 25, 2009 7:41 AM
Hoping to curtail the get-rich-quick schemes of would-be speculators and protect the interests of legitimate enthusiasts, Lexus has deigned that its upcoming LFA supercar will only be heading to customers who are willing to acquire one via a two-year lease agreement. Lexus plans to build just 500 of these $375,000 mid-engine exotic coupes over a 24 month period starting in December of 2010, and only 150 of those cars are currently earmarked for the U.S. market. Like most high-ticket vehicles, the LFA will order sheet offers a bounty of personalization possibilities and all cars will be built to specific customer order. Although both of those contingencies should help ensure that anyone lucky enough to be getting behind the wheel of this 552-horsepower carbon-fiber road rocket really is enamored of its futuristic appearance, scintillating performance and racer-like handling, Lexus does plan to hold the pink slip for 24 months -- just to make sure. At that point, the lessees will be permitted to purchase their LFA outright or turn them back over to Lexus.