Editors' Page: 2015 Range Rover Evoque

By Allyson Harwood on December 10, 2014 11:00 AM

Big Style and Luxury in Range Rover's Smallest Package

Arguably the most stylish compact luxury SUV on the road, the Range Rover Evoque also holds the distinction of being the only SUV in the class available in a 2-door configuration. It doesn't offer all the off-road abilities of its storied Range Rover siblings, but the more urban-oriented Evoque is nevertheless a well-rounded utility at home on the highway or off the pavement. Competing with SUVs like the BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLK is no easy task, but the Evoque makes its case with standout style and greater practicality than its form-over-function design would suggest.

Driving Impressions

"In the civilized world, the Range Rover Evoque demonstrates a poise and level of ride and handling much more akin to a polished sports sedan. Body motions are measured and predictable, the steering firm and communicative and the power from the turbocharged 2.0-liter engine abundant." Find more driving impressions in our 2015 Range Rover Evoque full review.

Owners Speak

Owner reviews of the Evoque are more mixed than for other SUVs in the class, but styling and handling are common praises. Fuel economy and shift quality were recurring complaints, both of which were addressed with a new 9-speed transmission for 2014. KBB.com visitor and Evoque owner Aeremis sums it up: "This thing is awesome given that you can accept the drawbacks here and there, but hey, what relationship doesn't have its flaws?" Read more Range Rover Evoque consumer reviews.

Build and Price

The 2015 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque starts around $42,000 and can top $67,000 fully loaded. Build and price your own 2015 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque to unlock its Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price, 5-Year Cost to Own and more.

Long-Term Evaluation

Kelley Blue Book has a long-term certified pre-owned 2014 Evoque. We've started off with our first impressions of the smallest Range Rover, and took a look at the Evoque's comfort.

More Small Luxury SUVs

The BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLK are obvious competitors, but check out our Compact Luxury SUV Buyer's Guide to get your best view of the whole segment. 

Photo Gallery: Range Rover Evoque Inside and Out