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Lagonda Will Launch a Luxury Crossover

By on March 4, 2009 3:28 PM
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To celebrate its 100th anniversary as an automotive marque, Lagonda showed this radical upscale concept in Geneva with the intent to offer a volume-build version in selected international markets. Owned by Aston Martin since 1947, Lagonda turned out the last of what was a very limited run of production cars in 1994. In resurrecting this storied name, Aston CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez noted that "Lagonda will create a new kind of customer relationship, instilling the spirit of travel, adventure and style into a single, formidable package." Marek Reichman, Aston Martin's director of design, describes the concept's avant-garde bodywork as a "fusion of fluid shapes mixed with hard, constructed lines" that recall visual cues of '30s-era Lagondas as well as speedboats of that period. This 21st century incarnation of a "four-seat international tourer" pairs luxurious interior appointments and a powerful V12 engine with enhanced ground clearance and all-wheel drive to ensure that it can take its well-heeled occupants just about anywhere in style and comfort. The platform also is capable of accommodating a broad range of potential powertrains, including hybrids.
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