Kia Soul Adds a Touch of Denim

By Editors on June 24, 2009 12:27 PM
Kia wasted little time in dressing up its new and already quite successful hatch- wagon by introducing the first of what it promises will be a series of special edition models: the Denim Soul. Based on the mid-line Soul+ variant, the youth-oriented Denim Soul will be produced in a limited run of 1,200 units. As its name implies, this semi-exclusive Soul boasts a distinctive exterior treatment that matches blue "denim" paint with an offset white contrast stripe, white exterior mirrors, unique 18-inch alloy wheels -- also finished in white -- plus foglamps and a tasteful high-mount rear wing. Inside, the creature-comfort index gets bumped courtesy of the Soul!'s Audio Upgrade Package (a center speaker, subwoofer, 315-watt external amplifier and speaker/mood lights), iPod connector, supplemental steering wheel controls, a power moonroof and floormats. Like the standard Soul+, the Denim Soul is fitted with a 142-horsepower inline-four. Pricing opens at $17,995 when it's matched with the standard five-speed manual transmission and $18,945 if you back it with the optional four-speed automatic.