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Kelley Blue Book Launches Green Section with a Difference

By Editors on August 1, 2008 9:54 AM
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If you've clicked on a news site, flicked on the TV news or picked up a newspaper recently you have undoubtedly been deluged with troubling reports about fuel prices, reliance on foreign sources of energy and the specter of global warming. What you might be missing is perspective on these important issues from an impartial source, which is why we at Kelley Blue Book created KBB Green, the newest section on our popular website. KBB Green's mission is to reach beyond soundbites and sensational predictions about the future of the automobile and our environment to deliver information that you can rely on to make decisions in your everyday life. That's why the new section presents the pros and cons of alternative propulsion technologies like hybrids, biofuels, "clean" diesel, natural gas and fuel cells. It also takes a hard look at important issues like "global warming" and carbon dioxide emissions to help you decide how to act on them. And our goal is always to deliver reliable information rather than speculation. We think that's what makes KBB Green different. Click the link at left to see for yourself.
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