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Incentives Will be the Key to Unlocking Future EV Sales

By on February 26, 2010 11:06 AM
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While the public profile of electric vehicles continues to rise with each passing month, results of a new survey by Kelley Blue Book Market Intelligence indicate that some type of significant incentives will be required to move them anywhere close to actual mainstream status. Nearly two thirds of those polled as part of an Electric Vehicle Survey said they would be more likely to consider buying or leasing an EV if the deal was sweetened with some type of direct financial inducement or tax credit. Of the 64 percent of respondents who fell into that realm, 34 percent claimed the extra inducements would make them much more likely to slip behind the wheel of a zero-emissions vehicle.

The KBB survey also found that even with this kind of supplemental enhancement, 36 percent still would not be very inclined to make the leap to EV ownership. Interestingly enough, although concerns about the real-world range of pure electric vehicles remains a potential issue for some, 48 percent of these shoppers indicated they would use one as their primary daily driver.

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