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Garmin To Offer Fuel-Saving Software for its nuvi Portable Navis

By on January 9, 2009 10:35 AM
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Garmin International Industries, one of the best-known manufacturers of aftermarket GPS navigation systems, has announced plans to start offering a new mileage-enhancing software update called ecoRoute for its popular nuvi 205-series and 705-series packages. Available for downloads starting next month, ecoRoute will give drivers the choice of the normal direction set as well as a "less fuel" option that will instruct the nuvi system in their car to chart a course for the most efficient way to reach a given destination.

The new ecoRoute upgrade also includes Fuel Report and Mileage Report functions that can help drivers fine-tune their behind-the-wheel habits to achieve greater economy under all conditions. Fuel Report monitors fuel usage over an extended period of time while Mileage Report tracks distances and fuel consumed on a per-trip basis. Garmin says its ecoRoute software will even allow owners to customize their nuvi setups by entering the specific type of vehicle being driven, its projected fuel economy and the current price of gas.

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