Future Vision: Pagani Electrodynamics Concept

By KBB.com Editors on June 7, 2011 8:37 AM

A virtual exploration of a zero-emissions sports car of tomorrow, the Pagani Electrodynamics Concept is the creation of Antonio Bruno. An interior/exterior designer for the Italian boutique exoticar producer, Bruno, who studied at the ISSAM (Istituto di Scienza dell'Automobile di Modena), in Modena readily admits that his electric-powered exotic has no relationship to any production vehicle in Pagani's Automobili's short- or long-term product portfolio. However it does offer some interesting insights.

Like most other next-gen dream machines, Bruno has provided few hard tech specifics for the Pagani Electrodynamics Concept. However, the brief does call for the fitment of four individual permanent-magnet electric motors, each mounted inboard and using a small shaft-drive setup to power its associated wheel. That configuration, coupled with the fact that the Electrodynamics Concept did not have to express any specific "brand" cues, allowed Bruno a considerably greater degree of freedom in the shape and proportioning of the car's bodywork, which he describes as reflecting a series of "intentionally unstructured volumes" configured in an aerodynamically optimized manner. The entire upper surface of the Electrodynamics Concept is crowned with a tinted acrylic plastic element that stretches all the way to the front bumper. In addition to adding visual interest, it also provides for a number of intriguing design possibilities, including the ability to conceal various advanced headlight/running light configurations.