Editors' Page: 2015 Ford Flex

By KBB.com Editors on January 8, 2015 8:20 AM

A Rare Alternative to Rugged

The pitch for the Ford Flex goes something like this: Deep down, you know you're not actually going to be off-roading in whatever SUV you're eyeing, so why pretend? Is it really either that or a minivan? The Flex is essentially a modern SUV that found a way to drop the pretense in favor of car-like manners and a bit of cool. It's kind of a big, modern station wagon with reasonably engaging handling, seating for seven and an assortment of modern amenities all wrapped in a decidedly distinctive, fun package. Because of its vague categorization and polarizing looks, however, the Flex gets overlooked by buyers who'd likely love it.

Driving Champion

Whether you're more interested in ride or handling, the Ford Flex is one of the best-driving 3-row vehicles you can buy. In our full review of the 2015 Ford Flex we commented that it "manages to feel maneuverable and responsive, even in tight situations. The Flex demonstrates impressive poise in sharp turns, remaining relatively flat when cornering but delivering somewhat numb feedback through its electric-assist power steering. Sway and body roll are kept to a minimum, and ride comfort is above par for this class."

Three-Row Hot Rod

Cementing its status as the driver's choice in mainstream 3-row transportation, the 2015 Ford Flex is available with a 365-horsepower turbocharged V6 that transforms the people mover into a legitimate hauler. The standard 287-horsepower V6 is strong, too, offering power and efficiency in line with more traditionally styled 3-row crossover SUVs like the Honda Pilot, Chevrolet Traverse and Ford's own Explorer.

Style and Substance

When you get right down to it, the Flex rides on its style and design. The "station wagon of tomorrow" exterior and distinctly modern interior environment strike a careful balance between functional family-hauler and edgy hipster-box. Available highlights include a massive, four-panel Vista skylight up top and an actual refrigerator between the second-row captain's chairs.

Flex That Wallet

The 2015 Ford Flex starts just under $30,000 and offers enough upgrades to stretch all the way into the $53,000 range. Build and price your own 2015 Ford Flex to see how much yours would cost.

Owners' Opinions

Autoshop mama, KBB.com visitor and Flex owner, had this to say about the Flex: "Its wonderful, drives like a car, but holds cargo like a minivan. We used to own a minivan and needed something we could tow with and the Flex was perfect. The kids can get in and out easily even from the third row. The fuel economy is not impressive (i have heard it got better in later years)." Read more Ford Flex consumer reviews.

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