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Ford F-250 Cabela's Edition: Machete Lockdown

By on March 11, 2009 1:04 PM
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Sometimes you need a truck -- a really, really big truck. And sometimes that big truck needs locking compartments to stow weapons and tools. No, we aren't planning for World War III or the Apocalypse in 2012, but we are referring to the Ford F-250 Cabela's Edition, a truck aimed squarely at hunters and outdoorsmen who need something that can safely stow a small armory. We recently had the chance to buy a machete from the army surplus store (for making paths through tall grass on a ranch, of course), but once we'd made our purchase, we were concerned as to where to safely keep our "really big knife" for transport. The answer lay in the locking storage units of the Cabela's Edition we happened to be driving. In front, there's a locking center console good for storing smaller items, while in the rear, there's an under-seat storage box that can fit a machete, a rifle, or both. So if you love hunting, or just excursions into the bush, and need a place to safely stow your equipment, this is the truck to do it in.
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