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First Look: Next-generation Chevy Camaro

By Editors on July 22, 2008 5:10 PM
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The official unveiling of the next Camaro has brought with it the realization that gas prices are really beginning to take their toll. The same vehicle that was once the quintessential American muscle car is now described by Chevy as "a fun, efficient sports car for the 21st century." Thankfully, the dramatic change in direction has been contained to the marketing message. In fact, after what will be a seven-model-year hiatus, the Camaro is scheduled to return in early 2009 more muscle-bound than ever, offering a minimum of 300 horsepower and topping out at 422 horsepower. Underneath sheetmetal heavily inspired by that of the first-generation Camaro introduced for the 1967 model year, the latest version will offer such contemporary niceties as a fully independent suspension (take that, Mustang), six-speed automatic and manual transmissions and launch control. Follow the links at left for more pics and specs.
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