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Dumb Driver News Update

By on December 4, 2008 12:33 PM
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In Australia, a road rage confrontation resulted in a man waving what he called a "death adder" at another motorist. The snake turned out to be a non- venomous python, but the man pled guilty to improper transporting of wildlife. In Germany, an eight-year-old boy was angry after being sent out of class, so he swiped his teacher's car key and drove the vehicle about 75 feet before crashing into another car, total damage was about $10,000. Ironically, he was heading home to complain to his mother about the expulsion. In San Antonio, Texas, a man was obeying what he said was a message from God and crashed into another car while going about 100 mph his pickup. The man later said God told him the driver of the other car wasn't driving correctly; he was later scheduled for a psychiatric evaluation. In Santa Fe, New Mexico, a man ran over himself after refusing to stop for police. The chase ended when the man drove into a fence and as he attempted to get out of the vehicle, he left it in reverse and the truck ran over his legs. His injuries were minor but he was charged with, among other things, driving while intoxicated.
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