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Dumb Driver News from Around the World

By on October 24, 2008 12:11 PM
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In Malaysia, two armed robbers had to leave about $800,000 worth of loot behind because their getaway vehicle was too small. The crooks hijacked a security van containing about $1.3 million but couldn't fit most of it in their car. "Their planning was very shortsighted," said the local police chief. In Germany, a 70-year-old man chopped off a taxi driver's finger with a machete after becoming angry during an argument over a parking space. Closer to home, when a Wisconsin man couldn't see if his container was full while siphoning gasoline from a stranger's van, he pulled out his lighter for illumination. The ensuing blast burned his hands, and he was arrested for theft and negligent use of burning materials. In Tennessee, a man told police he had consumed at least 15 beers before asking his 10-year-old son to drive him, a woman and two other children home. The child got the van up to 90 mph before crashing and rolling the vehicle. Injuries were minor. The man's T-shirt read "Buy this dad a beer."
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