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Cheap, Efficient Car Being Developed by Race Car Designer

By on November 21, 2008 3:04 PM
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When Gordon Murray accepted Autocar's Idea of the Year award for his concept to "reinvent the car," the former Formula 1 designer spoke bluntly. "Hybrids (are) largely a marketing exercise," said Murray. "(Hybrids) are worse in a full lifecycle analysis and do nothing for congestion, parking and mobility. With today's battery technology (electric cars) have a bad lifecycle footprint and do nothing for safety, parking and congestion." Murray's answer is a unique car called the T-25. Details are limited but, the tiny T-25 will have an ultra-lightweight chassis and can accept virtually any powertrain. The advantages of the T-25 include a substantially lower price, the ability to park three T-25s in one space and have two share one traffic lane. Emissions will also be radically reduced, and Murray said the T-25 can be mass produced and manufactured for any brand. The first T-25 prototype begins testing in early 2009 and mass production could come as early as 2012. "The T-25 architecture and manufacturing process combined will represent the biggest step forward since the Model T," Murray said.
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