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Cadillac Unveils All-New Presidential Limo

By on January 14, 2009 4:32 PM
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Cadillac describes the design of the new president's new limousine as "assertive, modern and elegant." We're guessing the Secret Service's description would include "bulletproof," as well. Cadillac has a long-standing relationship with the White House and notes President Woodrow Wilson as among the first chief executives to use a Cadillac, notably through the streets of Boston during a World War I victory parade in 1919. "Cadillac is honored to again provide a new Presidential Limousine," said Mark McNabb, North America vice president, Cadillac/Premium Channel. "This is a great American tradition that we're delighted to renew with an all-new car featuring the best of Cadillac's dramatic design and technology." The completely new Cadillac Presidential Limousine is fronted by a big, CTS-like grille, aft of which are the U.S. flag on the right fender and, when the president is traveling in the vehicle, the presidential standard on the left. At night, those flags are illuminated by LED spotlights. The rear doors also sport presidential seals, making it that much easier to pick out in a parking lot.
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