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2014 Ford Fiesta previewed

By on September 5, 2012 12:59 PM
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Offering an early look at what lies ahead for U.S. buyers sometime next year, Ford of Europe has released images and information on its restyled and revamped 2013 Fiesta. On sale there this fall, the car will make its formal debut at the Paris Auto Show and ultimately arrive in American showrooms as a 2014 model. Ford plans to release more details on the cars we'll be seeing here within the next few months.

At its reveal in Amsterdam, Martin Smith, Ford of Europe executive design director noted that "Fiesta has been one of the world's best-loved small cars across five decades, and the sporty appeal of the last generation Fiesta inspired real passion among global compact car customers, contributing to its status as the world's most successful small car. We had to keep that vital part of Fiesta's make-up - but we also wanted to give it a more sophisticated look."

To make good on that mission, Ford opted for a tasteful facelift that incorporates the automaker's latest design language cues. Highlights include a new higher-profile trapezoidal grille configuration that mimics the new Fusion, laser-cut headlamps, LED daytime running lamps and a subtle power bulge in its hood.

Styling isn't the only thing that gets enhanced on this updated Fiesta. The Euro models will offer the automaker's voice-activated SYNC connectivity system, Emergency Assistance that helps vehicle occupants place a call for help in the correct language and also provides the vehicle's GPS coordinates, Active City Stop that reduces engine power, applies the brakes and activates the rear hazard lights if it detects a crash is imminent and the MyKey that allows parents to program in limitations on limit various aspects of the car's performance.

Ford says the Fiesta's sporty chassis dynamics will carry forward largely unchanged in the new iteration, although ride comfort has been significantly upgraded. While the hot Fiesta ST 3-door with its 180-horsepower/1.6-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder is definitely a go for European buyers, we're still waiting official word that a 5-door Fiesta ST with the same engine and suspension upgrades is destined for our shores. Ditto as to whether the 1.0-liter/3-cylinder EcoBoost engine that will be a staple of the European Fiesta family also will be joining the car's U.S. powertrain lineup.

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