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2015 Ford Expedition First Review: Old-School Gets New Life

The traditional utility segment, full-size body-on-frame SUVs, now represents a small amount of total vehicles sales--about two percent--but people who buy them aren't just there by coincidence. They shop full-size SUVs because of a key attribute: capability. That means room for people and gear, off-road prowess and towing capacity. With the 2015 Expedition, Ford has kept all of the previous model's capabilities, while also improving... Read More

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Carmakers Scrambling to Convert Heat Energy into More MPG

It’s not quite as impressive as being able to spin straw into gold, but automakers the world over are intensifying their efforts to transform...

GM to Offer Fuel-saving XFE Packages on its 2009 Pickups and SUVs

Expanding on the mileage-making design tweaks introduced on the 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt XFE Coupe and Sedan, General Motors will offer "Xtra Fuel Economy"...

Mercedes 2009 BlueTEC Diesel SUVs Eligible for Federal Tax Credits

A trio of super-clean, 50-state BlueTEC Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles has become the latest to qualify for federal alternative-powertrain tax credits...

Escalade Hybrid Commences New Era of Full-size Luxury SUVs

The 2009 Escalade Hybrid has officially begun rolling into Cadillac dealers across the country. With a Manufacturer’s Suggested Base Price (MSRP)...

Mitsubishi to Begin EV Testing in U.S.

This fall, Mitsubishi Motors will bring a fleet of its i MiEV plug-in electric vehicles to America as part of an extensive joint research program with...

Nissan Reveals New Details About its Future Hybrid and EV Programs

Using its annual Advanced Technology Week in Japan as a high-tech show-and-tell session, Nissan provided several new insights about its plans for a...

Lotus Creates Synthetic Engine Sound for Hybrids

Seeking to eliminate concerns about the potential threat that near-silent hybrid could pose to unwary pedestrians or cyclists, Lotus Engineering has...

Tesla Snares Mazda Design Chief

Styling ace Franz von Holzhausen has left his position as Director of Design for Mazda North America to accept a new post as Design Director for Tesla...

Recent Drive: Natural Gas-powered 2008 Civic GX

We recently spent a week in a 2008 Honda Civic GX, the only natural gas vehicle (NGV) available to consumers today, and it didn't take long to...

Revolutionary Platinum-free Fuel Cell Design Unveiled

A team of research scientists at Monash University in Australia have developed and tested a new kind of fuel cell that totally eliminates the use of...


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