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2015 Volkswagen Golf R: Worth the wait

When we last encountered the 2015 Volkswagen Golf R, it was on a frozen lake in Sweden nearly a year ago. This time around, the driving experience was a bit more real world with actual tarmac beneath the wheels instead of ice. As this 292-horsepower, all-wheel drive hot hatch demonstrated, it's every bit as fun with grip as it is without.  The day after the main press day at the Los Angeles Auto Show, VW took a small group on a drive... Read More

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2011 Saab 9-5 Review: Typical Swedutchamerican Sedan

Back from the dead When General Motors faced bankruptcy in 2009 and was forced to shed half its eight U.S. brands, Sweden-based Saab - acquired by GM...

2011 Volkswagen Jetta Review: A back step forward

100-word shortcut In many respects, the all-new 2011 Volkswagen Jetta is a lesser car than its predecessor. The standard engine is far less powerful,...

Bio-Bug Beetle -- the ultimate people-powered car

In perhaps the most novel twist yet on the alternative fuel theme, a British firm has created a Volkswagen Beetle that can run on high-quality methane...

Seeing the light on your car's tire-pressure monitoring system

Although it's been required in every new vehicle sold in the U.S. since 2008, the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) still seems to remain a...

2011 Hyundai Sonata Review: What's not to like?

100-word shortcut Until the arrival of the previous Sonata, Hyundai's mid-size sedan had never offered much more than a low price and long warranty. But...

Top 10 Back-to-School Cars 2010

Need a ride to school? We've got 10. The approach of a new school year often necessitates the start of a new (or used) car search. Choosing a ride that...

Back-to-School Car #2

2011 Ford Fiesta So-called B-class cars have dominated Europe for years, but only recently -- thanks to rising gas prices and stiffer environmental...

Back-to-School Car #6

2005 Saab 9-2X Underneath its Saab-specific body panels, the Saab 9-2X is all but identical to the Subaru Impreza of the same year, sharing the...

Back-to-School Car #7

2010 Kia Soul The Kia Soul's dramatically upright styling disguises the fact that it is much larger than you might guess, and that added size is a good...

Back-to-School Car #9

2008 Suzuki SX4 Hatchback The Suzuki SX4 is the most affordable all-wheel drive car in America and includes a generous seven-year/100,000-mile...


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