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MINI Report 01: Welcome to the Family

Taking delivery of a long-term loan car is not unlike welcoming a foreign exchange student into your home for the semester. You're excited to meet and learn more about your new guest, and you look forward to the new experiences and adventures to come -- especially when the visitor brings along a reputation for having a good time. Such is our feeling as we get acquainted with the shiny new 2007 Chili Red MINI Cooper S Hardtop that just showed... Read More

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MINI Report 10: Drought-friendly Transportation

In continually drought-stricken Southern California, it's not uncommon to hear radio spots for water parks followed by state-sponsored ads imploring us...

MINI Report 11: Small Car Prefers Small Cups

There are some things German automakers do better than the others, but designing cupholders is not yet one of them. Germans don't eat and drink in their...

MINI Report 05: The Cooper Brotherhood

If you drove a Mazda Miata or Volkswagen New Beetle during the first few years of either's existence, you're probably familiar with the hand waving that...

MINI Report 13: Mid-year Recap

At the halfway point in our scheduled year with the MINI, we've clocked nearly 6,500 miles on the sporty red hatchback, including three roundtrips from...

MINI Report 15: Our Fair-weather Friend

San Diegans often lay claim to the best climate in the country. The scenery isn't so bad, either, with rolling hills that blend into stunning oceanfront...

MINI Report 04: In Praise of the Sport Button

Just ahead of our MINI's manual shift lever is a small, round button labeled "Sport." Press it, and its activation is indicated by a small, green light....


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