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MINI Report 01: Welcome to the Family

Taking delivery of a long-term loan car is not unlike welcoming a foreign exchange student into your home for the semester. You're excited to meet and learn more about your new guest, and you look forward to the new experiences and adventures to come -- especially when the visitor brings along a reputation for having a good time. Such is our feeling as we get acquainted with the shiny new 2007 Chili Red MINI Cooper S Hardtop that just showed... Read More

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MINI Report 02: Features, Specs and Goodies

Here's the MINI we'll be evaluating over the next year: 2007 MINI Cooper S Hardtop; Chili Red outside, black cloth inside; 1.6-liter turbocharged 172...

MINI Report 03: Smooth Operator

The trickiest part about constantly hopping in and out of different manual transmission-equipped cars, each with their own clutch and accelerator pedal...

MINI Report 06: The Vegas Shuttle

It would be easy to overlook the MINI as a good long-hauler, but after two LA-to-Vegas runs in less than two months, our long-term Cooper S further...

MINI Report 07: Open It Up

Has any car ever begged for a sunroof more than the MINI, we're wondering. Our long-term Cooper S doesn't have one, and it's beginning to drive some of...

MINI Report 08: Form over Function

"Ergonomics?!" That's part of a conversation we imagined taking place in the MINI Cooper interior design studio. Our long-term MINI has proven perfectly...

MINI Report 09: Still No Navigation

One thing we recently learned about our particular MINI Cooper S is that even when you miss your freeway exit, get off at the next one, decide to...

MINI Report 12: Plenty Big for Special Occasions

Our MINI Cooper S Hardtop offers 5.7 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats, which is only about half a cubic foot more than the two-seat,...

MINI Report 17: One year with a MINI Cooper S Video

From the first day it arrived at the Kelley Blue Book offices more than a year ago, our long-term MINI Cooper S won us over with its fun nature, cool...

MINI Report 16: Send in the Tow Truck

The original Mini was a fun, likable little car, but in terms of reliability, it was far from stellar. The new MINI, on the other hand, benefits from...

MINI Report 14: Yet Another Vegas Run

Three different KBB editors have now piloted our long-term MINI Cooper S on four roundtrips from Southern California to Sin City. Our Irvine offices are...


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