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10 Best Back-to-School Cars 2014

If you're trying to decide whether to surprise your student with the Mustang or the Mercedes, you'll be disappointed to learn that practicality and affordability lead the way on this annual list. But in the interest of parent-student diplomacy we give extra credit for style, features and personality. This year's... Read Full Article

Compact sedans have never offered more for your money. Once purchased primarily for their low price, high fuel efficiency and ease of operation, compacts served to inexpensively transport an... Read Full Article
It wasn't too long ago that compact sport/utility vehicles were referred to in an offhand way as sport cutes, a moniker derived from their diminutive packages and styling that mimicked... Read Full Article
Once upon a time, recommending the best midsize sedan was simple. Get a Toyota Camry, we'd say, or if you prefer whole-bean vanilla, Get a Honda Accord. While those two perennial favorites remain... Read Full Article
Entry-priced new cars have never been so desirable. As even the mass-appeal, bread-and-butter small cars become increasingly stylish and tech-savvy, their more fun-focused counterparts are getting even cooler. And this year we welcome back to the top of the list a car that’s been named one of our 10 Coolest... Read Full Article
What would you say to an Audi A6 for the price of a well-equipped Honda Accord? Or an Infiniti G Sedan for the price of a Honda Civic? Automakers' Certified Pre-Owned programs make it possible to get your hands on a used luxury car for the price of a... Read Full Article
Today's market of right-sized SUVs offers a little something for everyone: Utility, style, fuel economy, and in some cases, a healthy dose of excitement. There are also more options to choose from than a Vegas buffet, which is why we've assembled our 2014 list of the ten best SUVs under... Read Full Article
This year's list of standout sedans features an even split of five compact and five midsize sedans, many of them among the best-selling cars in the country. ... Read Full Article
Finding the best family car means more than just counting seatbelts and cup holders. Even what qualifies as a family car isn't so clear cut these days. Minivans are an obvious choice, but not if you don't need all that space. SUVs are great, but that... Read Full Article
Luxury doesn't mean Daddy Warbucks in a long limo anymore. These days, legit luxury transportation is both better than ever and affordable for folks like you and us. Our list of 10 Luxury Cars Under $40,000 is proof -- it includes lust-inducing sedans and coupes, and even three SUVs that'll... Read Full Article
You can continue pining for a Porsche or lusting over a Lambo, or you can pick up one of the following standouts and start living your driving dreams today for less than $25,000. As long as you're more interested in the actual driving than turning heads at the valet stand,... Read Full Article
The list of cars rated to return city/highway combined fuel economy of 40 mpg or greater is now over 30 vehicles long, with more 2014 models to come as the EPA rates them. From hybrids and plug-ins to pure electric vehicles and even one gas-only entry, the list of 40+... Read Full Article
Today's hybrid cars aren't just more efficient than yesterday's, they also offer better performance. In fact some hybrids are quicker than their gas-only counterparts, thanks to the immediate boost provided by the electric motor. And with more choices than ever, going gas-electric has never been more appealing. There are more... Read Full Article
If you live where it snows or drive there regularly, you're a prime candidate for the added traction of all-wheel drive. But AWD can also improve drivability on dry roads, too. For 2014 there are plenty of all-wheel drive models available for less than $25,000, and here we've rounded up... Read Full Article
The future keeps getting more affordable Underneath the sea of acronyms, ambiguous descriptions, and confusing marketing messages lies the true essence of in-vehicle infotainment and electronics: Better living through technology. But keeping up to speed on the most recent advancements in consumer technology can be exhausting,... Read Full Article
The lowest-priced cars aren't always the most affordable. When you consider a car's resale value, plus fuel, financing and insurance costs, sometimes the best way to save money in the long run is to spend more up front. Our helpful 5-Year Cost to Own projections make it easy to buy... Read Full Article
Whether you're looking for a people-mover, something to drive in inclement weather, or just want a vehicle with more cargo flexibility than a sedan, you've never had more sport/utility vehicles to choose from. Here are the 10 most affordable SUVs, based on Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price as of... Read Full Article
Buying an SUV doesn't mean you'll have to spend all your time at the gas station. You can still get everything you want in a sport/utility vehicle -- cargo capacity, visibility and versatility -- with fuel economy that will come as a pleasant surprise. Here are the 10 most fuel-efficient... Read Full Article
Available in 2- and 3-row formats with seating for 5, 6, 7 or 8, the midsize SUV segment offers a wide range of vehicles spanning the gap between the more defined compact and full-size SUV segments. Here we've picked an appropriately wide-ranging collection of standouts for 2014. ... Read Full Article
Today's compact cars might not be quite as roomy, quiet or comfortable as their midsize counterparts, but the fit, finish and features are increasingly comparable. And even if they'll always be smaller by definition, compact cars continue to get roomier, quieter and more comfortable, making them... Read Full Article
Today's midsize sedans are an amazing group deserving of special recognition. Top sellers like the Chevy Malibu, Ford Fusion, Honda Accord and Nissan Altima were all redesigned for 2013, the Mazda6 is all-new for 2014, and there are three new-for-2015 models set to arrive this year.... Read Full Article
For many, the best SUVs come in small packages. For most of the people most of the time, it's not the size of an SUV that delivers the goods, it's the shape. It's about sitting above the traffic, lifting the tailgate and, sometimes, folding the rear... Read Full Article
The prototypical family car of the 21st century If you need three rows of seats but don't want a big, thirsty full-size SUV, and aren't ready to succumb to the utter domestication of a minivan, welcome to the midsize SUV market. Midsize SUVs aren't as roomy... Read Full Article
The best family cars money can buy. There are plenty of great family cars out there, but none offer anything close to the purpose-built practicality of the minivan. The sliding doors, easy-access third-row seat, robust rear-seat entertainment options and more cup holders than seatbelts combine in... Read Full Article
What a great time for trucks This year has been a big one for pickup trucks, and the action will continue into the 2015 model year. The Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra were completely redesigned for 2014, the Toyota Tundra was significantly redesigned and the Ram 1500 became the only light-duty... Read Full Article
The most affordable luxury cars are some of the most fun. Today's luxury cars feature higher-quality materials than ever, futuristic technologies, and come backed by increasingly exceptional dealer service. It's as true for the lower-priced luxury entries as it is for the six-figure flagships sold alongside.... Read Full Article
The next step in luxury makes a terrific final destination. The average transaction price for an entry-level luxury car is about $40,000 nowadays. The average price for a flagship luxury sedan is closer to $100,000. That's a big gap, and these midsize luxury sedans are here... Read Full Article
Arriving Now: More than 50 new and redesigned cars for 2015 The 2013-14 auto show season is well behind us now, and along the way automakers unveiled a diverse bumper crop of new vehicles for 2015. Some of the cars here are already on sale, and... Read Full Article
As the quality of new cars continues to improve, so does the pool of used cars. For this collection of recommendations, we first compiled a list of all 2004-and-newer used cars with a Kelley Blue Book Retail Value of less than $8,000 as of February 2014, then handpicked 10 standouts... Read Full Article
Model year after model year, cars just keep getting better. It seems every new vehicle we drive is both more powerful and more fuel-efficient than its predecessor. More comfortable and more fun. More refined, but similarly priced. Choosing a good car is easier than ever, but choosing the best... Read Full Article
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  • Sedan 4 doors & a trunk, the most popular body style
  • Wagon A versatile sedan w/ added cargo room
  • Crossover SUV capability, car-like ride
  • Luxury Comfort, amenities & prestige
  • Coupe Sleek and sporty 2-door
  • Hatchback With a hatch instead of a trunk
  • SUV Plenty of room for people and cargo
  • Hybrid An efficient mix of gas and electric power
  • Convertible Drop the top for open-air fun
  • Pickup An open-bed truck for work & play
  • Van/Minivan More seats, family convenience
  • Electric Plug in and go gas-free